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As I and my Husband Always have been enthusiastic about traveling, food, and shopping. Promotionez We both are from different areas. I am from the fashion industry and my hubby is from corporate Insurance segment yet our tastes are fundamentally the same as. Traveling, Food and shopping has a tremendous piece of our life .we both are foodie and love to visit better places… For him to explore the new food items new recipe’s and origin of that particular dish are passion  and for me to investigate new urban areas and their renowned lanes, nourishment, landmarks, insect advertises and in addition marked markets are my obsession I generally been urgent to realize that what is coming next in the market, why any commercial center is so well known and from where we can get our coveted things at modest rates. Shopping and traveling both are our passion. Towards our passion for food and traveling, we got an idea to start our page which covered on ultimate extraordinary food items and places which we need to visit and shop from the special markets. We both have mixed our passion and decide a better way to express our passion in form of blog page so that people who all have the same taste get to know more about the same. We start promotionez as a blog page and start writing to promote about popular marketplaces, most desired food items and best places to visit in their lives.

Promotionez tries to give you more data about best places to travel, Famous Food joints/Restaurants to eat and mainstream commercial center to shop which has its claim to fame and you have to investigate to get your attractive. We begin promotionez to give an open stage for the individuals who need to share their perspectives for a specific region as pictures or recordings whether it is Food joints, new upcoming markets which we have to think about or our new occasion goal. Anybody can share their unique capacity on this stage. We will showcase it through promotionez.

Here I’ll give all of you the right and significant data about the spots I visit so when you, later on, plan to visit you have a sheltered, smooth and thrilling adventure.

I am sure that this is the right platform for you to get the more information under one roof. And we are continuously working on it to collect more and new information for you.

I  obliged to you for taking out your significant time from your bustling timetable…

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