Qila Gobindgarh Amritsar Punjab

Qila Gobindgarh Amritsar Punjab

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Fort or Qila Gobindgarh…Amritsar Punjab

The king of Five Rivers: Amritsar Punjab…..

The Gobindgarh Fort is the symbol of Panjab. If anybody is visiting Amritsar and not visiting Qila Gobindgarh then it means that he or she is missing a lot of things that are necessary to know and the journey is incomplete undoubtedly. A symbol of the times when Panjab was forged spread across a grand 43 acres.right in the heart of Amritsar city.this magnificent heritage site has a glorious history of its own. spanning across over 257 years- right from the era of the “Bhangi Misl” to Maharaja Ranjit Singh(The lion of Panjab)to the British East India Company to the Indian Army.  Finally, in 2017  it opened it’s doors to everyone. It gives grand Stories of the Past.

Sher-E-Punjab(Lion-Of-Punjab) A show on Maharaja Ranjit Singh:

the 25 mins show runs throughout the day on Maharaja Ranjit Singh In the 3D format in language Punjabi with English subtitles. A Preview show will introduce you to the ages just before the Maharaja Forged The Powerful state of Punjab. Once inside you will be transported to the 18th century in an immersive way. Internationally Renowned film director.

Kanda Bolldiyan Ne (Whispering Wall)….22 mins,2 shows Daily in the late evening Punjabi and English language:

Against the backdrop of the original facade of the colonial Bungalow -A wall 100 ft.X 50 ft. you can see a multi-media sound and light show with the laser lights show of 22 mins daily in post-sunset. Computer Animation and Projection mapping Technologies. Immerse yourself in the legend of Gobindgarh fort where these Seemingly mute Walls have a story to tell of the Sweep of History. This informative show brought to you with 20,000 lumens projectors and 7.1 surround sound will mesmerize you as you sit in the Historic open lawns of the fort and revel in the glorious evening of Amritsar.

Museums & Exhibitions: Toshakhana(The Royal Treasury of Maharaja Ranjit Singh)Timing:-10 am – 5 pm

It is Believed that Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Kept a Treasure Worth Rs. 30 lakhs and precious jewels as well as gold and silver in the Fort under a guard of 2000 soldiers. It is here that the Koh-I- Noor was housed. They say no Jeweller has so far been able to assess the price of the Koh-I-Noor Dimond. A Replica of the Kohinoor as it was worn by the Maharaja can also be seen here along with coins of that Period.


Ancient Warfare Museum: Timing:-10 am – 5 pm

See the rare instruments of war from old times- including the replica of the Maharaja’s Personal sward and his very own war attire. A specially made replica of the celebrated 14.3 ft. big Bhangian di top or the Zamzama- The largest canon of it’s time has also been recreated specially for viewing.

Live Performances (the Spirit of Punjab, Gatka- Gidda-Bhangda)

Punjab’s rich Performing art Forms are Scheduled full day-from the Energetic Bhangra to the vibrant Gidda and the Powerful Gatka will both amaze and charm you. As the sun sets, the mood in the fort Changes. A  Grand Procession emerges with musicians and dancers in traditional costumes performing a vibrant montage of Punjabi cultural experience with some death-defying feats from the incredible martial Arts from Gatka. Also when the night Falls the Fort is illuminated with dazzling lights.

Family Zone

There are also exotic rides for you and the Kids-horse rides, camel rides, elephant rides. Rides from the time of “Maha Punjab” when Punjab spread from Sutlej to the Borders of Afganistan and Kasmir.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s great love towards horses and he had more than 1200of them in his stables and as many as a 1000were reserved for him personally. He sometimes used to say that where he felt surest of himself was in the saddle.

Ambarsari Zaika ( The Flavour of Amritsar):

The best of Panjabi food brought to you the best in the Food Industry like the legendary Brother Daba. A Special Street called”Ambarsari Zaia”- Will make you Realise why Amritsar is called the Food Capital of the state. Here you can tantalize your Palate with both Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian options.Sit under a canopy in an open arena or pick up fare from wooden food cart made in the traditional old style.

Hatt Bazaar :

Lot’s of Fulkari works, Embroidered colorful juttiyan, Heritage Craft Pieces, Old Zardozi work…You people are going to feel in love with those things. Choose From the Rich Collection of art and Craft, Which Exhibit The Splendor of State.


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