Giani Tea Stall Amritsar Punjab India

Giani Tea Stall Amritsar Punjab India

Giani Tea…Good start of new Day!

Cooper Road | Company Bagh, Amritsar, Near Bhandari Bridge, Amritsar Panjab IndiaGyani Tea Stall Amritsar Panjab India

If you are a Morning walker and fond of morning tea and you are visiting Amritsar, then do not forget to visit Giani Tea Stall and have early morning Tea with the daily news updates. It’s a small dingy store that is situated on a one-way main road and has probably the most loyal clientele A must visit I walked about 3-5 mins to find this little gem from my hotel. Making it about 20-25mins walk from the Golden temple. This place is very close to the bus stand at Amritsar. The place is unassuming but the crowd would pull you there. This small stall opens early in the morning and a great place to have breakfast. It might be possible that when you visit there, you might have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes for your order but it’s absolutely worth it when you sit on an ordinary wooden bench and start chatting with your partner or friends. I am sure that you will be free from all your worries. It is so much crowded in the morning by joggers that it takes some time for them to serve tea to everybody within less time.

Gyani Tea Stall Amritsar Panjab IndiaThe best masala chai in the world and unbeatable kachoris filled with pitthi and puffy omelet. It gets Start early morning till late evening. Not to be missed ever loved every sip and bite. Not only you get one of the best tea there are so many different ways and kinds made as per your taste and add to that the best bakery in Amritsar just across the road to enjoy biscuits and nankeen so that the morning starts in the best way. Most of the customers are visit daily after a game or walk and with interesting topics and hearty Punjabi laughter. It has been more of a chatting point (That also for rich or upper middle class) rather than an eating joint. – Most of the people visiting here in the early morning are either retired or young, But all together a great atmosphere for eating good quality food which is absolutely affordable with a sip of tea and with the combination of the newspaper.

I think this is a Nice place to start a new morning with a fresh breakfast….majorly Tea was very good and so were the paneer pakoras. The buttered toast comes laden with a slice of butter, with bread toasted the old way, which is yummy. This place has the best tea and omelet to offer in the world. They do amazing masala chai, and there Kachories are awesome!! The interior is clean but very outdated undoubtedly.but who cares taste does matter indeed!!!

The gyani tea stall is the place where every walker has to stop and here you can see a rush of around 50 people every time. when you visit this place then you will find it is a morning Walkers delight. The tea stall owner Provides stools which he Lays on the footpath for people to sit and enjoy his tea….if you are a morning walker and fond of having a good cup of morning tea. Then Do visit this place… this is one trip which you will relish.

Surly Highly recommend visiting place if you’re in town!Amritsar

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  1. This is a cool looking website. Just went through few posts and they are amazing. I am a traveler myself and will be heading to Amritsar for sure and will definitely have a cup of tea at your recommended place, Giani Tea stall.
    I have bookmarked your website and is looking forward for more amazing content. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks, for Encouraging me Anshul.
      Yes, this is the must visiting place in Amritsar.i will try to keep updating you in future as well.

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