Jung Bahadur….”Purani Delhi”

Jung Bahadur….”Purani Delhi”

Dilli 6 Jang bahadur kachoriwalaJung Bahadur…

Actually, a Bahadur Placed at a corner of “Purani Dilli”

Dilli 6 Explored in the Morning…

Mesmerised by various references and food groups I got an opportunity to visit Jung Bahadur Kachori Shop/Kopcha in narrow streets of “walled city” Dilli I deliberately started looking for JB Kachori wala willingly ignoring the narrow lanes of paranthe wali gali…and thanks to the references and google map I hit the target bang on at the khopcha where I saw a humble man “Nitin” taking orders as per customers choice “Sabut ya todke/crushed”… I requested him to get me one piece crushed dipped in their curry and chutney. I got my serving in a leaf/Donna as we call it in north India….. Beleive you me it was a pleasure eating their kachori with humble aloo ki subzi and poured kachalu which was as tangy as it could be….. Any Dilli wala would like to visit this place but due to space constraint, it is difficult to even if you park your car 2 kilometers away. However, as a preamble to this post, I would like to submit and admit that the walled city of Dilli has much more to offer than what food journalists/food walkers or food enthusiasts have to offer.

Haji Shabrati and Chhena Ram Sindhi Confectioners are named to visit the place early in the morning. ( 8:00 am to 11: am);  Shyam sweets can be visited till 12 noon at Dilli 6.Dilli 6 jang bahadur kachori wala chandni chawk

BTW I had gone to buy the next guitar for my son there. This place happens to be a market for music lovers….keep exploring:)

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