Kulcha Land Amritsar!!!!

Kulcha Land Amritsar!!!!


“Amritsari Kulcha” The real taste of Punjab…

Kulcha Land Amritsar!!!

In Amritsar, We were excited about Amritsari Kulcha that everyone talks about.So after a search, We reached there.The place is famous as a Kulcha land Opposite District Shopping Center, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar.Kulcha Land Panjab Amritsarwe Ordered Amritsari Kulcha and Masala Kulcha, and trust me, it is justified regardless of the buildup. Stacked with full spread and flavors, Masala Kulcha is presented with heavenly Chhole and an extraordinary chutney with onion rings, kachcha aam, sauce, and spices were full of flavors, which was like as an icing to the cake, or I should say ‘chutney with the kulcha’. Amritsar is known for a lip-smacking variety of Kulchas. Kulcha arrives its journey for Kulcha lovers.It is a very small food joint with the extremely unremarkable sitting course of action. The Ambiance was not that awesome because of quick moving products, but by and large an extraordinary affair.

One can see Menu on the wall and just 3 items were in the list…menu Kulcha Land Amritsar panjab IndiaMasala Kulcha (mix of all masala), Paneer Kulcha and Amritsari Kulcha (essentially aloo stuffed). Apart from this, you can order Kesar Lassi here.Amratsari Kulcha

Any type of Kulcha you order it will be completely absorbed in butter…..so be careful on the off chance that you are on weight control… They have the best Kulchas in India and you can’t wait after placing your order because it is like quick eating specialty served by them.

It was simply Awesome and mouthwatering.It is a little place constantly full. Worth the hold up to get a table.As the name recommend it has just Kulcha and MAsala Kulcha Amritsar Panjab Indiadifferent sorts of reproducing. When you go to Amritsar, you have the drive to eat renowned Amritsari kulchas, and this place does it the best in entire Amritsar.very nominally costs with open-air sitting, the food is simply marvelous. Though it is far from the golden temple at Opposite District Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, but still it is worth going that distance…

Taste is just superb…and in the event that it is noon you will have a tendency to go for second round. Lassi very rich and savoring. The most imperative is that these all on exceptionally prudent rate. Lunch of two with two rounds kulcha in addition to Lassi will cost approx 250 or 300 bucks only. While paying the bill do attempt their mouth freshener….it is likewise exceptionally great.

Great place For breakfast and lunch and they are doing really good Job. Appreciable! must visit.

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