Kesar Ka Dhaba ….Yummy Yummy food in My tummy!

Kesar Ka Dhaba ….Yummy Yummy food in My tummy!

Kesar Ka Dhaba(Dhaba Food) Amritsar Panjab

We went Amritsar Golden Temple India .The event was Gurupurav 23 December 2017.It was chilled climate over there. After darshan of Shri Harimander Sahib Ji, we went for the dinner at Kesar Ka Daba (Dhaba Food). We have listened to this place from many people, groups so we chose to go there. Kesar Ka Dhaba real Dhaba Food Amritsar

Kesar ka Dhaba (Dhaba Food)is exactly what you anticipate from Punjab. It’s paranthas with full of butter, dal with huge amounts of ghee and chana to die for.The lassi with malai is most important to wash all that ghee and spread down your throat. What’s more, in the event that you are going to the city in winters, simply don’t worry about calories and eat it up. It’s most important to battle the Amritsari icy!

It is difficult to arrive via auto there because of very narrow lanes. It’s inside the Narrow lanes but worth the walk. The Food was extremely delectable. Kesar ka dhaba the real Dhaba Food at AmritsarDal makhani was marvelous completely legitimately cooked and presented with bean stew Tarka with heaps of gees. shahi paneer cooked well flavors were in a suitable way, palak paneer was exceptionally rich in taste.boondi raita (curd)was extraordinarily arranged for their eatery just the extent of boondi was not same as for the most part we eat in our normal kitchen. Lachcha parantha was extremely supported legitimately with boundless layers and it was brushed liberally with desi ghee One could taste the virtue of ghee in each bite.You know you’re in Amritsar when all you see is spread and unadulterated desi ghee in everything.

the sustenance was extremely delectable and filling, and huge segment, I couldn’t complete my dinner even I was starving, I had Firni (well mixes the rice in milk)and ras malai in the sweet dish it was magnificent in flavor.the eatery was excessively swarmed and loaded with a smoky aroma which originates from their kitchen when we go from that point. it was elusive it in the bustling little streets of Amritsar, however absolutely justified, despite all the trouble after had my Dhaba Food.This place was occupied the vast majority of the circumstances so the administration was somewhat moderate yet at the same time affirm for a bustling spot, in India dependably the bustling swarmed put has the best Dhaba Food …


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