Farzi cafe

Farzi cafe

Farzi Café…DLF cyber hub Gurgaon…

Ras Malai Tres Leches and Parle-G Cheesecake.

Ras MAlaiThis is one of Delhi’s best eateries at its value point. It serves present-day Indian nourishment in bistro compose surroundings at costs that are much lower than different eateries with comparable aspirations: Indian Accent or Varq. A portion of the nourishment utilizes the systems of atomic gastronomy however its majority just involves a clever minor departure from ordinary Indian sustenance. A cheeni paratha is supported by the expansion of foie gras margarine. The samosa is made with duck. The cheesecake is bookended with two Glucose bread rolls. Profoundly prescribed.Ras Malai Tres Leches and Parle-G Cheesecake are Star Items at Farzi Café… I had attempted their Farzi O.K. (which was not O.K. furthermore, a few more things including the fundamental course which was according to desires i.e. neither awful nor out of the world). Ras Malai and Cheesecake are must-attempt things on their Menu. I loved these things since they are synonymous with the name Farzi yet in the meantime there is no bargain on taste…Ras Malai was really a Ras Malai loaded down with Gajar ka halwa and both the treats were complimenting each other. The cheesecake was a humble however similarly top-notch thing with humble Parle-G bread sandwiched in cheesecake plunged in Rabri and finished with diamonds…https://www.facebook.com/Food-Guide-India-530666480622214/

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